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Today when I arrived back home, I was greeted by a strange sight. I couldn't believe my eyes. Sitting in my living room was | an old man wearing roller skates and a wide red headband. We eyed each other warily from across the room for a few moments. He seemed perturbed by my presence. Eventually he broke the silence and said | "finally." He continued to stare blankly in my direction. I paused a moment. "Finally what?" | Without thinking, I ran to my room and put on my roller blades and tutu. I grabbed the hand of this beautiful stranger and we took to the streets, roller-waltzing the night away. Finally I felt alive, for the first time in 27 years. | I awoke the next morning covered in scratches, wearing the remains of a shredded tutu, and holding a wide red headband. "Ah," I thought, "this is what I get for chilling with a werewolf."


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