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I starred at him in horror. "What have you done?", i asked. | "I made you a cake. Damn it Mary, why can't you appreciate anything I do for you?", the man replied, standing in the kitchen with a cake in his arms and a burning oven behind him. | "Oh I appreciate you making me a cake, Chuck. I just don't appreciate you burning our oven and possibly our house down!" I tell him as I ran through the house looking for something to use to cool the fire down. "Mary! I, uh.." | "Not now, Chuck, the kitchen's on fire!" I called. "No, I know, but you really shouldn't go further into the house!" "Why not? That's where the extinguisher is!" "Yes," he said, putting down the cake, "but there's also a | nesting dragon. You don't want it to think you're a threat to its eggs."


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