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When Martin had reached the end of the road, he hid his car behind a large hedge and waited. He searched all his pockets for his cigarettes, and only found a couple of scraps of paper, a stick of gum. | Grunting, he exited his car and hid in the hedge. As expected, it wasn't long before the Tyrannosaurus rounded the corner. It was bigger than Martin remembered it, and he suddenly wished he had brought that bazooka after all. | He stared in terror at the mighty, 8-footed beast tearing down the asphalt. The sunlight glinted off of its jagged canines, as Martin desperately searched for a route of escape. | He cowered at the edge of the cliff, struggling to keep his balance, when the T-Rex let out a terrible roar. "EXCUSE ME SIR, COULD YOU TELL ME THE TIME?" the dinosaur bellowed. Martin glanced upward in bewilderment. | He could hardly think of anything to say. "THE TIME, SIR!" said the T-Rex impatiently. "Oh, um," he sputtered "I'm afraid I don't know." Well, since he couldn't feel embarassment at the moment, Martin asked "Hey, do you happen to have a light?"


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