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The street was covered in a slick coat of ice. Drew checked his watch again, and peered nervously over the dash board. Yup, it was 10:00 PM, on the dot. Where was he? | Suddenly a bright light appeared on the horizon. It was the sunrise. Drew realized that his clock was malfunctioning. Had he missed the meeting entirely?! | As he raced back to the office, swerving around traffic, Drew's car without warning slid on a patch of ice and began tumbling end-over-end. "At least I'm done with all those stupid meetings," Drew laughed as his life flashed before his eyes. | When he was a baby, his mother had accidentally left him in the dryer (where she often stored him for convenience sake) for over three days. When he was about 6, his favorite shoe had been eaten by a python at the zoo. The moral of these experiences | Is to never have the second-to-last entry in a story on Ensemble Press end with the phrase "the moral of these experiences," because frankly that just makes a cruddy story which will ultimately be rated poorly when it is finally finished.


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