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Lucy didn't know who to turn to in this kind of crisis. Should she ask Peter to the prom? I mean, really. How could Brett have rejected her this late in the game, after all that she had been through already? Lucy knew that prom | was only for high-schoolers, and that at the age of 47 she should probably be engaged in more age-appropriate activities. However, given that she was | already booked for a hair and makeup appointment at Tress Célèbre, it seemed unfair for Brett to back out now. Summoning her courage (and rage) she dialed his number and listened to his Soulja Boy ringtone until | she realized that someone getting her hair done at a place called Tress Célèbre can do better than someone with "Crank Dat" as their ringtone, even if they were pretty damn old. She spritzed on some Our Compliments No.5 and went to buy a Pimm Cup and | a bikini wax. She had been determined to know love on this night, but she realized that she didn't need Brett or Peter to give it to her. She could know love all by herself. After all wasn't that the greatest love of all?


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