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There is a cat in house. | There is also a turtle, but we don't talk about him. | Every now and then we take our cat, Felix, to do modelling assignments. Timmy, the Turtle, gets quite jealous, but tTurtles (being unattractive), find it hard to get jobs as models. Just the way it is. I mean, I'm not turtlophobic or anything... | yet Timmy does tell stories of his grand parents, being tortoises. they've seen how the world has changed in the last two centuries. nevertheless interesting

Jeremy took Sandy by the hand and ran up the dunes towards the beach house. She laughed and said "slow down! The cupcakes aren't going anywhere!". | He smiled cheekily at Sandy and said, "I know. I just wanted an excuse to hold your hand.". Sandy looked at Jeremy and raised an eyebrow, "Really, Jer? That all you got?". "Oh, come on! That was a good one!" Jeremy whined. Sandy chuckled in response. | Jeremy goes in for a kiss and Sandy stops him in his tracks and stares at him with confusion. Jeremy stopped himself and felt stupid. Jeremy asked Sandy "whats wrong" Sandy responds and tells him that "She isn't sure if she is ready" Jeremy understan

Hi. My name is Joe and I work in a button factory. It has been four years since my last confession. The button factory has me down and the dark secret there has never before been told. | before the button factory i was nothing, but the button factory is haunted and the dark secret people will never know.

The cop, the Indian, the construction worker, and biker closed in around he cowboy. Cowboy's earlier comment about a Village People reunion happening over his dead body was about to come true. | Then, at the funeral the village people talked and sang songs about the dead cowboy.

It was 26 months since the world ended. King Barney is now ensconced in his throne room with his ugly, toothy wife - surrounded by his ruthless and endless horde of giant, mutant teletubbies."I Love You", the world anthem, blares out from everywhere. | From the corner of his eye, the king a pink teletubby who was gently snoring away behind a pillar instead of standing at attention like everyone else. | so then the king wakes up the giant mutant teletubby however it didn't wake up so the king started making noise.

Once upon a time, three women were on a journey | A journey to Penge in South East London. Why Penge? What mysteries could a little known suburb hold for three spinster sisters, desperate for romance and adventure in Victorian England? | For example, one of them saw a old broken cabin. The three sisters went inside and saw a spooky pot of mixture that was green and slimy

Episode 9 Horror Movie When I was a kid, horror movie hands down is the last thing I want to see | as the creature clawed its way up for the dark abyss, in a way that could only be described as nightmare impacting. that moment frighting me so much, i would try to stay awake till the crack of dawn.

The dragon was black as coal and just as cold. | It spread its wings out, its shadow looming over the man below. He drew up his magic shotgun and fired at the beast. | Never the less , he was filled with he didn't want to harm them in the start

one day, a dog escaped his yard. | This dog decided to travel the world. | He first found himself in Egypt, where he observed the Sphinx. He noticed that the Sphinx didn't have a nose. Turning to the nearest person, he said, "Excuse me, do you know why the Sphinx doesn't have a nose?" | "Well, a long time ago some soldiers were shooting at it, and they hit the nose and fell off," he said, "I hear some guy named Hassan Avdol took it and made it into his house!" "Well then, I'm going to visit Hassan Avdol!" the dog said. | the dog eventually got to the mans house and asked why he thought he had the right to mess up someones hard work and culture.

An elf walked into a bar. | Then, the elf sat down and asked the bartender for a gin and tonic.