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Once there was a beaver who built himself an elaborate underwater house of sticks and logs. | This house was to keep out the aliens. You see he'd also lined it with tinfoil. It was known to be deadly to aliens. | Unfortunately it didn't work so well against the invaders from the hollow earth, whose ravenous appetites for aluminium drew them to his home in great numbers. | They advanced in a horde that seemed to stretch from end to end of the horizon. They had not feasted like this in a long time, and they were very hungry.

It was so cold that afternoon. Too cold to go outside. | So I put on the central heating and stayed indoors. I turned on the TV. An old episode of the Twilight Zone came on. The story was about | a person stuck inside because it was too cold to go outside.

fda fdk'fds afs ' frgekgfew bgvfegirkfjngd | James looked at his chat screen. "God fammit." | fda fdk'fds afs ' frgekgfew bgvfegirkfjngd

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away there lived a princess. | She was alone, waiting for no-one but only for the whispers of the past. | "Hey whispers, where are you? I'm getting bored," she said.

This wasn't the first time she woke up at three in the morning to the sounds of screaming and barking. | It was the second time.

Galatica Morella was about to take a journey, carefully she stepped as the cliff-face is about to give in to the town of Meade. The train tootle off, the rails were brass. Galatica is about to leave when she came across a top hat. "A fine dandy lady" | Inside the top hat was a rabbit, who was wearing a smaller top hat. "I said..." continued the rabbit, "A fine dandy lady." "Oh... yes... I suppose I am. Thank you," said Galactica. The rabbit was gray with white whiskers. He looked dandy too.

play with your senses, french s tyle

It was a dark and stormy night.... | Aaron sat staring out the window in the cold | Aaron lit a cigarette and tears fell down his face | "Fucking onions," he muttered to the air. Lisa said, "that's what you get for stealing the wrong bag."

It was a dark and stormy night. | Although alone in the house, Kitty did not feel frightened. The fire was burning brightly and soothing music oozed slowly from the radio. Kitty expected a quiet, uneventful evening of purring on her rug while watching the kids play their games. | Here came the kids now. First just one came creeping from under some furniture. It made sure the coast was clear, then waved with its tail. Encouraged, one after another of Kitty's kids scurried out, until there were six mice dancing around her.

There once was a man from Nantuckett, who was embarrased about being the actual first line of a dirty Limmerick | His wife was a blond that hated all the bimbo jokes. | They also met in a bar, run by a Scotsman, the man with an Irish friend, and the woman with an English friend. The coincidence was funny at first, but by now they had to wonder if there was some sort of cosmic joke being played out. | After they met, a Panzer VI tank crashed through the front of the bar.