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Jack was embarrassed. He had just tripped over in front of all of his friends and everyone started laughing.

She reached between her legs. The moan was slow coming, but make no mistake . . . it came.

hello, my name is ben. hello | Hello, Ben. My name is Parker.

In the beginning, there was a test. Touching the walls, he tried to find the edge of the cavern. | Continuing along the wall, he noticed a sound in the darkness. | Eventually, the only way forward was to jump over a small ravine. The air whistled up his face.

It was a bright and sunny day at the lake and you happily dipping your feet in the water, then you see a person in the middle of the lake, curiosity get the best of you and you hop in the water and swim to the unknown person.

It was a sunny day, you are by the lake diping your feet in the water. Then you see something in the middle of the lake, so you jump into the water and swim towards the being

One day I was delaying writing a paper. Then I found this website... | It was about guys with weird ears, I did not even want to know why a website like that existed. I then clicked on the first post. | The profile popped out was shocking and weirdly appealing at the same time. Wait, it looks like... me? It was me! How come that my photo show up here? And did I never know that I got weird ears?

Every time I try to continue a story that someone else started, it won't submit. | Finally, I learned the truth behind the submit button. It was controlled by alien beavers. These beavers also wanted my cotton candy. Praise the mighty beaver! | The Beaver Debugger however helps here. Any problems with beavers will vanish in thin air. | Then I quickly realized that the evil looking beavers are actually protectors for the all the writers who have no ideas that each time they submit a small piece of their soul would be taken away and stored in the secret soul tank. Oh mighty beavers!

The cop, the Indian, the construction worker, and biker closed in around he cowboy. Cowboy's earlier comment about a Village People reunion happening over his dead body was about to come true. | Then, at the funeral the village people talked and sang songs about the dead cowboy. | Furthermore, some of the villagers from the funeral were imposters from Margaret wedding.

"Johannes Kepler had it all wrong." Warren Buffet muttered, curiously maintaining a perfect poker-face. His audience errupted. | This was of course no ordinary audience, being at the annual Kepler festival. Buffet sensed it, being the savvy mind he is, and decided to switch. "Tyco Brahe, had it wrong also." He paused to assess the mood.