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"Well that was close," Mary thought as a baseball whizzed by her head.

'Don't watch the sun go down, watch the earth come up' my mother said. | I didn't know what she meant at the time, but now it makes me smile as I board the spaceship for the last time.

Jocelyn was a shy girl who did not make new friends easily. Her free time was spent alone, often reading books or writing in her journal. One day a mysterious package arrived, addressed to her, with no return address. | Inside the package was a cellphone with a message that says "Why do you always look so lonely?". Jocelyn stared at the message not knowing what she should do. | She called her ex-boyfriend Pistol Peter, a fading matinee idol of advancing years, once famous but now confined to work in a call-centre with various failures and ne'er do wells. She said "I shan't tell you again, keep out of my life, you fiend!"

On the third or fourth day of my imprisonment, a note was slipped under my door. | It read: Jayda, we have a plan to get you outa here.

Who knew that a simple fall would lead to such an eventful day? | At first it was just an ordinary fall, full of clouds and rains and grumpy people all around. I was the same person, I suppose.

Ralph Carter was on the run. Shooting wild boars was one thing, but shooting the President of South Africa was quite another... | Life as a mercenary isn't easy

A long time ago in New York | when it was named New Amsterdam... | a man named Marvin wrote a song called "New Amsterdam - so good they named it once"

Stick with me said Mr Sellotape, the Butlins comedian.

There was once a little toad named Tommy Toodles. | And a frog named Freddie Fuddles | And a cat called Clemmie Cuddles. They all lived together in a place called The Huddles, and they liked to splash about in puddles. It almost rhymes said Clemmie Cuddles, as her owner drank a pint of Ruddles...

once upon a time there was a strange family. | Who lived in a strange suburb, and played strange board games like Dungeons and Dragons, and watched the Munsters on TV, because they looked like them.