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Once upon a time there was a mouse

This was a triumph... I'm making a note here:"HUGE SUCCESS"... It's hard to overstate my satisfaction... | That was before the first bombs flew out from under the clouds. We all looked back. "No they couldn't have!" shouted an onlooker. A loud ominous voice rang out from behind the crowd "Oh but I have!" Everyone turns to see.... | A wooden ship, sails crafted from white fire, sailing into the bay. Clouds of steam billow forth from around the base of the ship, shrouding everyone in smoke. From the deck, down jumps the man who called out, a ghostly shadow of a man.

It was so cold that afternoon. Too cold to go outside. | So I put on the central heating and stayed indoors. I turned on the TV. An old episode of the Twilight Zone came on. The story was about | a person stuck inside because it was too cold to go outside. | Was this story about me? I thought to myself, it looks like me. Is my life an episode of the Twilight Zone? But the person on the TV was slowly going crazy, eating almost everything in the house and throwing everything they didn't eat into the fire. | I then realised I was holding a revolver to my temple. I was tempted to pull the trigger but decided against suicide. I got up and walked to the kitchen. During the journey from the entrance to the fridge, I slipped on a banana peel.

She had no lower jaw. She was born without one. | A real shame, because she'd be a quite stunning individual otherwise. She had | perfect top teeth. They almost looked like little pearls. But underneath them, where her lower jaw should have been was a

It was a dark and stormy night.

I swam in the pearly sea, my body becoming opulent from the waves. | Globular fish crested me on every side. | The microluminaries swam in and out of my pores.

The day was very beautiful.

I looked back over my shoulder still hearing footsteps behind me I kicked over a paint bucket someone had shit in and I was at the end of the hallway then so I flew down the stairs fast as I could. I landed hard on the side of my foot, heard it pop. | The pain sent sprawling on the concrete floor. It was wet from the dozens of people who had shuffled through the hall not two minutes ago. The door to the outside was so close, but the sound of running in combat boots may be closer. | The end for me seemed imminent until I heard a tapping upon a nearby window and saw Foxtail waving from the other side. I had never loved the sound of shattering glass so much until I watched my sweetheart smash an escape route for me with such glee.

THX that's a great awensr! | said Cheryl as she completed her Mathematics assignment. | The previous day in class, Cheryl had gotten the number of a cute boy in the class that she was flirting with. She liked this boy, Kevin, so she pretended to be bad at math so he could tutor her. Cheryl's deception didn't last long, however. | Kevin discovered her online video series teaching computer programming. "How can you possibly write such complex code while apparently struggling with algebra?" Cheryl felt humiliated, but Kevin smiled. "You want to hang out at my place?" he asked.

Walking along a downtown sidewalk, I suddenly realized I didn't remember where I was, what I was doing, or where I had been. It was as though I just woke up from a dream, except I wasn't in bed. | Adriela stood beside me grinning and glistening with sweat. "That was such a thrill!" she said. "Next time I want to do the smashing, and you can grab the stuff." I noticed a hammer in my hand. "What did I do?" I asked between heavy breaths.