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She sits at the computer, wondering how this story will work. She considers her options and presses Preview & Submit.

Another Thursday, another murder with the same MO as the last five. It was tough work, being the sheriff of the a town like this. Most other places have to deal with bandits and cattle-rustlers, but over here....well, mysterious killers are the norm. | This one was a real piece of work, the sheriff thought as he leaned into his chair. A month ago, the corpse of Father Callahan was found at the church, apparently beaten to death by one man. More bodies turned up every week since then, all the same | all charred and dismembered. What kind of creature could commit such a heinous crime against a man of the church? | At this point in the investigation clues to perpetrator of the murders were scant. The only lead they had was a small pile of peanut shells found beneath one of the windows of the church. It couldn't be squirrels again? Could it?

One day, Mila Kunis was resting in the sun | when a large butterfly landed on her nose. She stared at it for a moment and felt a deep connection to the creature. She did not know how or why, but somehow she knew for sure they had met before. Then, it all started coming back to her.

The sound of wind whistling through the tree branches was broken by the sudden snap of a twig as a figure in a torn wool coat raced stealthily away from the sharp glare of searchlights piercing through the trees in blue-white beams. | The figure knelt down. His sharp ears perked as the sound of something whirring came crashing into the peace of the forest. He knew what he had to do. | He grabbed his gun and fired at the helicopter, fatally wounding the pilot. He took him place and began to fly away from the police car that had almost caught him previously. Sid Temple was a hardened criminal, and this wasn't his first breakout | In fact, this was his fifth time, and he had prepared meticulously for it. He had studied the prison's layout, charted a perfect route, no one could stop him.

Once upon a time there was a chicken who decided that it wanted to start a new life. So it packed up its luggage and went on its merry way. Upon going to a bus-stop, it met a stranger who grinned... The chicken shouted, "Oh no, my..." | friend! There's a piece of broccoli stuck in your teeth. I can peck it out for you--if you want." The stranger was thankful to have the chicken's help. "Oy, chickie, ya mus le me repay ya some way". "Well", said chicken, "could you pay my bus fare?"

fda fdk'fds afs ' frgekgfew bgvfegirkfjngd | James looked at his chat screen. "God fammit." | fda fdk'fds afs ' frgekgfew bgvfegirkfjngd | The soft touch of Aianei's fingers tickled his chest. "What's wrong, dingle-dong?" she asked in sweet sing-song. James tried again to type, but he got the same jumbled mess. "Muffin," he said, "could you find a window I can chuck this junk through?

"Innie, innie, kinda innie." Shara stopped before Maia. "Ahem," she said, "Show it." Maia rolled her eyes. "This is so dumb! What does a belly button have to do with anything?" Shara pulled up the incriminating photo. "This isn't your outie, is it?" | Maia gulped. She was innocent, but there was no way of proving it without revealing her horrible secret--that she was really a clone and didn't have a belly button. | "I'm sure there are other ways to figure out who snuck into your pool?" Maia said nervously, edging to the door. "AHA!" Shara's boyfriend said, holding Maia. "Thanks, Jay! Now..." Shara lifted Maia's shirt and revealed her smooth buttonless belly.

dsadsf adfd adsfsd adsfd adf d | It looked like something randomly typed, but that was the code to operate the Engine. I input the commands, praying that Doc wasn't just pranking me.

"POP" Another Pimple fell prey to the wrath of the pinch. | I took a step back from the mirror and considered my life. Had I really just enjoyed popping a pimple? No that couldn't be... And so it wasn't. Good luck building off that lol | said Lionel to his fellow Ensemble contributor Seth. But Seth understood entirely and continued by writing "Plop - another depth charge occurred in the bathroom". Both lads were about 13 and rather puerile... | Two two were always competing over everything; who can hold his breath longer underwater, who can sit-pop more balloons in two minutes, who can fit more sunflower seeds in his belly button. Lately they both had their eyes on a very special girl.

Marnie again woke with a absolute certainly that someone had just pounded on her apartment door. Her eyes locked onto the alarm clock next to her and she lay frozen, waiting for confirmation of her worst fears. | Five minutes of silence—nothing at the door. Suddenly a crash of metal and glass shot her sight toward the window. Her heart pounding, she ran to it and saw a fallen trash can through the pane. She sighed as her cold toes carried her back to bed.