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"Well that was close," Mary thought as a baseball whizzed by her head. | Surely Mary began to feel lucky , she had just got her hair done for the dance that night. | As she threw the ball back, it ignited.

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One day I was delaying writing a paper. Then I found this website... | It was about guys with weird ears, I did not even want to know why a website like that existed. I then clicked on the first post.

Jackson Piper was a karaoke singer. The kind that loves himself and thinks all the girls love him too. | Among this tribe he was unique, for he was indeed correct. All the girls did love him. Not because he was so very good at karaoke, but because he had purchased on the internet an enchanted bouzouki and a magic book called How to Play the Bouzouki.

A seadog, a literal seadog, sailed his boat through the ocean, not knowing that a pirate monkey was watching him through a telescope. Like all pirates, the monkey wanted only one thing: To raid a ship. And the dog's ship was the only ship for miles. | The monkey quickly lit up a cannon, then hurried to put a rather heavy ball in. Not noticing the fuse was already lit, he pushed the ball in, and the cannon fired it in his face. | He clung on for dear life as the ball rocketed through the air, and let go as it sailed over the seadog's ship. He landed on the deck. "I meant to do that," said the monkey. "Now, what be yer cargo?" "Definitely not bananas," said the dog, shiftily.

It was a dark and cheerful night | ; Everyone was sitting around the campfire, singing songs and roasting marshmallows. | Everyone, that is, except Napoleon Bonaparte. He sat alone in his tent, poring over maps and reports. How heavy is the burden of command, he mused to Marshal Neigh, his horse. "Aha!" he said finally, tapping a coffee-stained map. "Bolivia!" That was

"Innie, innie, kinda innie." Shara stopped before Maia. "Ahem," she said, "Show it." Maia rolled her eyes. "This is so dumb! What does a belly button have to do with anything?" Shara pulled up the incriminating photo. "This isn't your outie, is it?"

I woke up late morning | The summer heat wrapped me in a blanket of sweat. I forced myself out of bed and cracked some stiff joints stretching. As I stood half-awake, picking moist fluff from my belly button, a giggle came from the door.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kate. Kate was smart. She was brave. She was 11 years old, and she was a detective. | She didn't need more than a magnifying glass and a beret borrowed from her granddad's closet to be the best detective on the block. The only problem was, she had no cases. | One day at the local park, Kate noticed something floating near the edge of a pond. She took off her shoes and waded through the cool water. It was a clear glass bottle, and inside sat a note! She was very curious. "I must find a way to get it out!" | She shook the bottle up and down, but that only tired her arm. Kate looked around and grinned upon seeing a large rock. "Wicked!" She giggled as she freed the note with a satisfying smash. Bits of broken glass fell as she picked it up. "Now then…"

The day started like many others. It was dark. It was cold. I wanted the day to be over already. Typical day. | If only I had my gypsy grandma's gift of ESP. I would then know what lay ahead. | The cold kitchen floor nipped at my toes, while the smell of rotting meat bit my nose. Empty cupboards of course, so I had to carefully grab a cup off the Glasstle in the sink. I was up to my belly button in chores. "Later", I thought, as usual.