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I looked back over my shoulder still hearing footsteps behind me I kicked over a paint bucket someone had shit in and I was at the end of the hallway then so I flew down the stairs fast as I could. I landed hard on the side of my foot, heard it pop. | The pain sent sprawling on the concrete floor. It was wet from the dozens of people who had shuffled through the hall not two minutes ago. The door to the outside was so close, but the sound of running in combat boots may be closer. | The end for me seemed imminent until I heard a tapping upon a nearby window and saw Foxtail waving from the other side. I had never loved the sound of shattering glass so much until I watched my sweetheart smash an escape route for me with such glee.

THX that's a great awensr! | said Cheryl as she completed her Mathematics assignment. | The previous day in class, Cheryl had gotten the number of a cute boy in the class that she was flirting with. She liked this boy, Kevin, so she pretended to be bad at math so he could tutor her. Cheryl's deception didn't last long, however. | Kevin discovered her online video series teaching computer programming. "How can you possibly write such complex code while apparently struggling with algebra?" Cheryl felt humiliated, but Kevin smiled. "You want to hang out at my place?" he asked.

Walking along a downtown sidewalk, I suddenly realized I didn't remember where I was, what I was doing, or where I had been. It was as though I just woke up from a dream, except I wasn't in bed. | Adriela stood beside me grinning and glistening with sweat. "That was such a thrill!" she said. "Next time I want to do the smashing, and you can grab the stuff." I noticed a hammer in my hand. "What did I do?" I asked between heavy breaths.

Though I had started in humility, it became more... interesting, yes that's a term, over time. It's easy to think demonology, necromantic magic, and other taboo studies shall be simple affairs, yet, their true scopes are unknown to the living sort.

The sound of wind whistling through the tree branches was broken by the sudden snap of a twig as a figure in a torn wool coat raced stealthily away from the sharp glare of searchlights piercing through the trees in blue-white beams. | The figure knelt down. His sharp ears perked as the sound of something whirring came crashing into the peace of the forest. He knew what he had to do. | He grabbed his gun and fired at the helicopter, fatally wounding the pilot. He took him place and began to fly away from the police car that had almost caught him previously. Sid Temple was a hardened criminal, and this wasn't his first breakout | In fact, this was his fifth time, and he had prepared meticulously for it. He had studied the prison's layout, charted a perfect route, no one could stop him. | This was nothing, now #3, that something, the dogs, the snipers, the riot, oh, how that was exciting!

It was hard to be honest. I wasn't sure how to say it. But one day, one Friday evening after little thinking, I decided to speak out. And I shared out, even though nobody could possibly understand me. I explained the secret as best as I could. | "Keats was wrong. Truth is not beauty, beauty is not truth. The world is ugly, in lots of stupid ways. But if you pay attention - to what's true, and what's beautiful, and the difference between them - you can find ways to make beautiful things | cry out,” I then bowed and took the acid from the pocket of my tweed jacket and put it on my tongue.

Sometimes, I like to look out the window and see the stars. | At that point, I jumped out of the window and landed on a patch of grass. A soldier came to me and said that I needed to know what was going to happen - the coming apocalypse. I remembered what my girlfriend once told me.

She sits at the computer, wondering how this story will work. She considers her options and presses Preview & Submit.

Another Thursday, another murder with the same MO as the last five. It was tough work, being the sheriff of the a town like this. Most other places have to deal with bandits and cattle-rustlers, but over here....well, mysterious killers are the norm. | This one was a real piece of work, the sheriff thought as he leaned into his chair. A month ago, the corpse of Father Callahan was found at the church, apparently beaten to death by one man. More bodies turned up every week since then, all the same | all charred and dismembered. What kind of creature could commit such a heinous crime against a man of the church? | At this point in the investigation clues to perpetrator of the murders were scant. The only lead they had was a small pile of peanut shells found beneath one of the windows of the church. It couldn't be squirrels again? Could it?

One day, Mila Kunis was resting in the sun | when a large butterfly landed on her nose. She stared at it for a moment and felt a deep connection to the creature. She did not know how or why, but somehow she knew for sure they had met before. Then, it all started coming back to her.