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I said, I'm bluffing with my muffin. Like hell you are, the tall man with the scar replied. | I started to turn away but felt a pit open in my stomach as I imagined him watching me walk off. I didn't want that. I didn't think he would even let me go. | Then the angel Grommet came over from Gabon and said, This woman is the mother of my child or will be in twelve months and I demand that you descend unto thine knees before her for when the child comes no one without humility could ever be spared. | Twelve months? So this bitch ain't pregnant yet? Then how can you be so sure, Grommet? | And thus spake Grommet: as goes the goose, so goes the gosling. It shall suck from her all its mothers milk before it is birthed, and it shall leave the womb that nursed it a dessicated husk.

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