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The Dalek had never been in a Jewish deli before. | A kindly old man with a black hat and a beard stood behind the counter. "Hello friend, can I recommend the matzo ball soup today?" "A MATZO BALL IS NO MATCH FOR A DALEK. EXTERMINATE!" "Oh are you an exterminator? We have a bit of a roach problem." | "NO. WE HAVE A BIT OF A *HUMAN* PROBLEM! EXTERMINATE!" The Dalek began indiscriminately firing its weapon, killing several patrons of the deli and completely ruining a perfectly good schnitzel. | The old man put his hands on his hips and glared sternly: "You should be ashamed of yourself! What would your mother say? What sort of guest would treat a host like this? I'm shvitizing from serving people all day and you come and ruin a good kugel!" | "I. HAVE. NO. MOTHER." the Dalek said, lowering its eyepiece sadly. "Oh you poor thing!" exclaimed the storekeeper. "Here I am scolding you while you simply searching for love. Stay here with me." Turned out that Dalek could make a damn fine knish.

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