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It was a cat from hell, Andy thought. Like, not just a bad cat, but rather literally a cat from hell. | Andy struggled to think of how it might have gotten inside. His roommate was crazy, but Andy was pretty sure he wasn't a Satanist. "Hm, it's a bit drafty," Andy thought. Then he noticed the gaping hole where the left wall of his apartment used to be. | "Did you do that?" he asked, looking down at the little bugger with more than a trace of annoyance. The cat's only response was a mild belch which sent flames licking up his drapes. | "Oh God, my drapes!" Now, God heard Andy's cry for help, and for once, decided to do something. And Lo, God began to speak, and from the hole in the wall came a flood of milk, because, well, that's what you use to stop the burning from spicy foods. | Unfortunately, even cats from hell are delighted to lap up milk. The satanic cat was no different. Now Andy had a milk stained apartment, singed drapes, and the cat was streaking off towards his

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