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The sound of wind whistling through the tree branches was broken by the sudden snap of a twig as a figure in a torn wool coat raced stealthily away from the sharp glare of searchlights piercing through the trees in blue-white beams. | The figure knelt down. His sharp ears perked as the sound of something whirring came crashing into the peace of the forest. He knew what he had to do. | He grabbed his gun and fired at the helicopter, fatally wounding the pilot. He took him place and began to fly away from the police car that had almost caught him previously. Sid Temple was a hardened criminal, and this wasn't his first breakout | In fact, this was his fifth time, and he had prepared meticulously for it. He had studied the prison's layout, charted a perfect route, no one could stop him. | This was nothing, now #3, that something, the dogs, the snipers, the riot, oh, how that was exciting!

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