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"My pants itch," exclaimed Peter with a brief though sharp existential twinge. "Well," he thought, "At least | they fit." Ho-hum. Peter was taking a moment to reflect on how dull his life had become when suddenly a bus full of irate raccoons fell through the ceiling of his house. Reacting quickly, he | dropped his pants and ran shrieking out of his house. Peter's legs were no longer itchy, but somehow the raccoons seemed undeterred. | "Ahh, yes, this one is fast to learn." said one of the large raccoons "He has heard of ferret-legging." and grinned viciously. "Well young lad, we have an idea for a new kind of sport | ," the raccoon cackled, "it's called raccoon-ankling." And with that the whole swarm went for Peter's naked ankles.

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