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Once upon a time there was a mouse named Molly and she only liked things that started with the letter "M". | She hated things that started with the letter "N", so you could imagine how much she hated her neighbor, a mouse named Nigel. But Nigel loved Molly. | Nigel often thought of Molly whenever he was depressed. Her smile and her caring ways were what drew Nigel to Molly. He had asked her several times to marry him, but she always said no. | Knowing her to be the adventurous type, he invited her for a ride on his motorcycle. "Never!" she replied. "Then how about a movie?" he asked. "Not a chance." That gave him an idea. | He decided to visit the Mouse Mayor and apply to change his name to Maurice. This was duly accepted and he returned to Molly. Molly laughed in his face. I fooled you, she said, my real name is Nancy and I only like the letter "N". Except for "Nigel"

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