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once in a world too far away... | A strange band of travelers, composed of a muscular red creature, a nymph-like child, a vole wearing a poncho, a fat king with tentacles for legs, and a Spartan warrior (or what looked like one), crossed the Desert of Wind, searching for shelter. | The muscular creature turned to the king. "Your majesty, why are we visiting such a Talv-forsaken desert as this?" King Grabilo wiggled his tentacles in the air, a royal sign that the question was unwanted. "Beyond the Desert of Wind lies the ruins." | "The legendary ruins of the Empire Under Ground?" The Spartan-like warrior chimed in. "King Grabilo, this is a waste of a warrior! Are there no scientists under your command?" The king's tentacles stopped moving, a royal sign of seriousness. "I do." | "The team of scientists investigating these ruins have mysteriously disappeared," the king said, "I have decided to take Bortak, the strongest man in my kingdom, you, the captain of my elite warriors, and a guide to find them."

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