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Life is a long hard road, especially in a demon-filled apocalypse. | "But at least, I can do anything I want from now on. With this knife," thought the young woman. Only a few weeks before then, she had been just a carefree college student without any worry in the world. She never knew these people before. | Then, they depended on her. Suddenly, a voice brought her attention back to this world, "Ivy, I brought back the new survivors we found in Szyckezy." Ivy, the woman, noticing the strange place name, nodded. "Thanks, Maurum. Sorry, did I just...?" | The other woman, owner of the new voice, smiled. "It's close. Mawromnak. Try to pronounce it slowly. Maw-rome-nack. Add a little stress on ROM part." The new woman had dirty blond hair, a pair of brown eyes and a dark, slightly red, tone of skin. | "Sorry Maw, it is already two weeks but I still cannot pronounce your name properly. Not to mention the others'..." Ivy's tone was a little depressed, but it ended soon, as Maw's hand slapped the former's back with a bit force.

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