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A short-red-haired girl in her 20s walked into a bar. Some bearded men on a corner table noticed her healthy knockers under the sexy black dress. A young man decided to make friends with the new chick. He came behind her stool, interuppting her chat. | "Hey sexy, don't you mind if I sit beside you?" Without waiting her response, the man sat at the next stool and ordered a new whiskey from the owner. "I'm Norman Walker. May I know your name, gorgeous?" The blond man asked, his green eyes glowing. | "Jane Smith. Actually, I mind, Mr Walker. But feel free sitting here." The woman answered without directing her dark blue eyes towards Norman. Jane Smith was not exactly the most creative made-up name, but she didn't care. | "Could I offer you a cup, sweet Jane?" Norman said. He didn't mind the woman's attitude. Jane picked the cup, turned to the bar owner. "Your treat, Mr Walker?" A mischievous smile showed in her face. "Please, Mr Owner." | Gabe, the owner and another blonde man, took Jane's cup and filled one third of its with whiskey. "With pleasure," he said with a thick Irish accent. Norman realized something and got back to his seat. "Seems like he noticed our matching rings."

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