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Another Thursday, another murder with the same MO as the last five. It was tough work, being the sheriff of the a town like this. Most other places have to deal with bandits and cattle-rustlers, but over here....well, mysterious killers are the norm. | This one was a real piece of work, the sheriff thought as he leaned into his chair. A month ago, the corpse of Father Callahan was found at the church, apparently beaten to death by one man. More bodies turned up every week since then, all the same | all charred and dismembered. What kind of creature could commit such a heinous crime against a man of the church? | At this point in the investigation clues to perpetrator of the murders were scant. The only lead they had was a small pile of peanut shells found beneath one of the windows of the church. It couldn't be squirrels again? Could it?

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