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Ominous, dark clouds hung low over the elementary school. The storm was rapidly approaching this New Jersey Township. | Mrs. Milleson crowded the students into the gym and tried to stay calm. "The pillow ball game must go on!" she announced. | "But I hate pillow ball!" Whitney McWhinerson whined. "Whitney, just because you lost your eye in a game of pillow ball doesn't mean you're able to get out of it." Mrs. Milleson said. | "Besides, you still have another good one." Just then, Carrie let loose with a thunderous blow, knocking Whitney's other, good eye clean out of its socket. "Son of a..." Whitney started, but Mrs. Milleson cut her off. "Whitney! Pick up that eye!" | "I can't see it!" Whitney moaned, scrabbling on the gym floor for for her eye. "Whitney's eye has gone bye-bye!" Carrie chanted as she lobbed her pillow ball at Whitney's leg. It his Whitney's thigh and sheared off a large chunk of meat.

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