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"Who doesn't love Christmas caroling!" Jenny joked. I guess she had never thought to knock on Mrs. McGraw's door, just two blocks away. Jenny and her friends, "The Christmas Spectacular," as they asked to be called, | was started three years ago by Jenny and her friends when they discovered that they each had a passionate and inexplicable desire for figgy pudding. Oddly enough, | Mrs. McGraw had not been infected with the Christmas spirit and had never even tried figgy pudding! In fact, she sprayed the jolly female singers with a can of silly spray, covering their matching sweaters in a fizzy neon green goo. | "At least she didn't pelt us with Christmas ornaments this year," Jenny said brightly, trying to cheer up her friends. But it was clearly time for revenge against the McGrawinch. | Jenny struggled to move the heavy PA speakers into place and started the portable generator. The speakers made a heavy "thud" as she switched the amplifier on and then slipped her copy of "Jingle Dogs" into the tape deck and hit "play."

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