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In the glass castle was a girl forever in suspended animation.Unless woken all those who found themselves in her world turned to glass.Those who tried to wake her had to climb the spiral stairs.Climbing the stairs meant horror most killed themselves. | Jorgon was the exception. He had tried to kill himself, but failed. He was now mostly lobotomized. Horror meant nothing to him. He was the man for the job, and he was determined to complete it, even if he didn't know what it was. | Unfortunately, he became distracted by a firefly and spent the rest of the afternoon chasing it. Running straight into a glass door and knocking himself out, millions of YouTube viewers laughed, watching him on the uploaded surveillance video. | And then they all turned to glass because the girl had not been woken. "Who's laughing now?" Jorgon cried. No response came, for glass cannot speak. But it can break, and Jorgon just happened to have a baseball bat with him. So he | smashed the glass heroically. "BONK!" he cried as glass shattered. The princess got up and ran towards Jorgon who held out his arms towards her. As they began to embrace each other Jorgon felt the knife slip into his ribs. “I was never on your side”

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