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Why did it always rain the days that he forgot his umbrella? Micah sighed as he sidestepped another leaf-filled puddle. Water was seeping into the hems of his pants, and his socks started to squish in his sneakers. Linda wouldn't have noticed except | that small squishing noise was enough to rouse the dragon guarding the cave. The young thieves tried to hide behind a pile of rocks, but the black, scaly monstrosity noticed them and began to charge. | "Quick" she yelled, "take off your shoes." Micah quickly pulled them off and hurled them as far away as possible. The dragon was momentarily distracted by the squishing, rain-sodden pair, allowing Micah and Linda to eat the | small squirrels inside the cave. Unfortunately | squirrels and dragons have a mythical partnership, forged in times Micah and Linda could not have even imagined. This led to their perpetual imprisonment in this netherworld, shoeless and hungry for all eternity.

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