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His breath made no effort to hide the temperature of this particularly frigid night. Had he not taken the appropriate precaution of sporting his sheepskin-lined hunt gloves, the consequences for his digits may have been bleak. | As he tredged through the snow each step became more difficult and his strides shorter. He regretted agreeing to this experiment. Attempting to walk straight legged he tried to keep his bare skin from brushing against his now frozen pant legs. | He had to piss. He had a few options: pissing on himself would provide some warmth but it wouldn't last long; he could try to hold it, but the hut was still miles away; but he dreaded what might happen if he exposed his member to the frigid air. | In this frozen landscape, one always chooses warmth, even if it's fleeting. Andres let his bladder go and felt his thighs throb with the unfamiliar sensation. Suddenly, he had a boner. Now this was a problem. | He looked over at a tree a couple yards away. He could see two squirrels vigorously pleasuring each other. "This'll do nicely", he said, unzipping his pants.

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